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                                  Danyang Jincheng Medical Rubber & Plastics Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer for medical rubber parts authorized by the Jiangsu Province Food and Drug Administration Bureau and registered in the ndustry and Commerce Administration Bureau of Danyang City. Which is near Shanghai, Nan jing and Chang Zhou City. Registration capital is RMB16,600,000, plant area is 20,000m with 1,500m of 100,000 Class Clean Room which is in accordance with the requirements of GMP.

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                                  Our AdvantageFour core advantages, Your wise choice
                                  Experience Advantage

                                  Decades of production experience and good product quality have been recognized by many customers, and a large-scale sales network has been established.

                                  Strength Advantage

                                  The registered capital is 16.6 million yuan, the workshop is 20,000 square meters, and the 1,500 square meters 100,000-level purification workshop meets GMP requirements, which provides a solid process guarantee for product quality.

                                  Technical Advantage

                                  Professional production equipment and scientific testing instruments, in 2010, introduced ten 500-ton semi-automatic large-scale vulcanizing machines and two automated auxiliary assembly lines, which increased the company's production capacity by 4 times on the original basis.

                                  Team Advantage

                                  Have a professional production team, scientific and complete management system.

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